If you are looking for consultancy, talk to consultants. If you want to uncover why bias results in "shadows, ghosts and incentives" that influence our current ability to make choices, decisions and judgements then start here.

digital20 has created five new frameworks to support understanding of complexity and decision making. We help you deliver Positive Impact, that creates Better Outcomes for everyone, Lowers Liability and creates eco-system Benefits

For convenience, and to enable us to understand, we divide our environment into components, silos, parts or fractions: physics, biology, geology, chemistry, astronomy, psychology, and so on. However, our environment does not recognise our classifications, it is one. We utilise separation to understand our messy, highly interdependent complex adaptive systems.

In the same way, our companies and their eco-systems act as a whole. Whilst the market is viewed through the lens of competitors, we don't recognise the separate business functions of marketing, finance, operations, technology and people.

Boards are made up of professionals with different skills and experiences and it is critical that we work together, as the information we need to make complex judgement rests in us as a team and our eco-system; and not as individuals or silos.

we and data need to be connected and act as one

Digital20 provides boards, Directors and executive leadership teams visibility of, and the ability to validate, data that informs and creates judgement, which they will be held accountable for.

one platform, one team, informed choice