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The team has a big question, "How many people really want access to their own data?" This service is to enable, with minimial effort, you to ask many of your key Internet players for a copy of the data they hold on you and for us to understand how many people care about this issue. On the 25th May 2018, GDPR rules are to be implemented across the EU and for companies operating in the EU. The essence of the new law gives you the right to ask for a copy of your data in an electronic readable form.

To take advantage of this law please register below with the email you use and which sites you want a copy of your data from, we will get your request processed and any and all of your data sent directly to you. One question asks which other providers you would like to get your data back from. Thank you.

Summary of Important Terms and Conditions

  1. We are asking for your name and email so we can contact the supplier(s) you list on your behalf, to request that they send you any personal data that they hold.
    • we will request that any data held by the provider(s) that you specify will be sent to you directly
    • after we send the request, you should expect the providers to contact you directly to confirm your identity before any data is released.
    • we will try our very best efforts to make this happen but we cannot guarantee it will happen
  2. The data you enter on this site will be stored in Google Sheets and will not be copied or moved from this service.
    • we will not ask or recieve any of your personal data from any provider(s)
    • the only data we have on you is what you tell us via the registration form
  3. We will email you for the following reasons only:
    • to confirm we that have your request
    • to confirm we that have processed your request
    • to opt in to get updates and help with research if you consent
    • in emails from us we will inform to you services who will protect, secure, store any data that you will recieve from the service providers you specify on this site.
    • after processing we will delete the details you left here along with any and all record we have after we have processed your request
  4. We will not sell, pass on or publish your name or email to anyone outside of the consent you have given us
  5. We will start to process, on or just after 26th May 2018

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Thank you for helping us make a difference.

Trusted Names behind the service

Lubna Dajani

Martin Geddes

Tony Fish

Kaliya Hamlin

Lubna is an internationally known executive, systems designer and industry expert recognized for her unique blend of foresight and delivery in high growth markets. As a futurist who inspires new thinking and disruptive business models, she created and writes about the Allternet -a visionary manifesto. Her industry positions include founding Secretary of the Open Trust Protocol Alliance , Co-chair of the prpl Foundation Marketing Council and AIOTI member representative. Her board and advisory experiences include MusicTechFest, AEC Hackathon, NYC Seed Fund, Springboard Enterprises, and is a Visiting Scholar at NYU Steinhardt School of Culture, Education and Human Development. She is also co-founder of Futuristas, and is driven by the desire to create a transparent, agnostic and symbiotic economy.

Martin Geddes is an expert in lean quality systems and a pioneer of digital supply chain management. He helps to bring the new science and mathematics of network performance into the world. As a polymath, Martin has a wide range of interests on how society, culture, economics, regulation and technology also intersect. He is co-founder of the Hypervoice Consortium, and has extensively written and researched the pivotal role of privacy in a "hypersense" world of augmented reality.

Tony is a seasoned executive board director with over 25 years of experience in innovation and high growth. His professional life has cut across a diverse range of sectors including venture capital, health, telecoms, finance, media, sport, manufacturing, government and digital fabrication.

In addition to speaking at over 200 events and conferences on innovation, entrepreneurship, digital trends and early stage growth, he has authored and published three books. He is a visiting Fellow at Henley Business School for entrepreneurship and innovation, The EIR at Bradford School of Management and Law, and an EC expert for Big Data.

Kaliya "Identity Woman" an internationally recognized expert in self-sovereign identity and identity on the blockchain. She consults widely with organizations seeking to make sense of the emerging markets and opportunities in identity and personal data.

To contact the team please use: webform@digital20.com