It is Hard to Make Decisions That Will Result in a Positive Impact, Deliver Better Outcomes for Others And Create a Balance Of Mutual Benefits.

For convenience, and to enable us to understand, we divide our environment into parts or fractions: physics, biology, geology, chemistry, astronomy, psychology, and so on. However, our environment does not know about these divisions, it is one . We utilise separation to hide hierarchy, dependency and complexity.

Our companies act as a whole and the market doesn't recognise separate functions of marketing, finance, operations, technology and people. Boards are made up of professionals with different skills and experiences and it is critical that we work together, as the information we need to make complex judgement rests in us as a team, not the individuals or their silos.

Source: MIT

we and our data need to be connected and act as one

Digital20 enables Directors and executive leadership teams to have visibility of and the ability to validate the data that affects information which informs their judgement.

one platform, one team, one informed decision